Pet Winter Safety


IMG_2162The 2 main problems I see with pets in the Winter (cold-weather locations) are : 1) Extreme Cold and 2) Salt Burns. There are only so many things you can do for extreme cold. 1) Limit outdoor exposure when below freezing. My dog is a Welsh Terrier and he has a thick undercoat and thick outer-coat. He can sit in the snow and cold for hours if I let him but even his pads can get frostbite. Go out to the bathroom or for a walk and then come inside. Limit to an hour. Pets with less fur need coats, sweaters, and yes, even boots (some tolerate these slip-on rubber shoes or boots…others don’t). These booties also can help avoid salt burns. If you can’t avoid the salt rinse your pets’ feet with warm water as soon as coming inside. Prolonged contact with salt can particularly burn up inside the fragile skin between their pads. This may require a vet’s attention. Remember if you are cold your pet likely is too.

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